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The Arabian Gulf Bosnia Herzegovina Center

Bosnia Herzegovina Centerمـــــركز
البوسنـــــة والهـــــــرسك

Bosnia and Herzegovina Meditation and Charity
Bosnia and Herzegovina Real Estate
Mepas Mall Bosnia
Bosnian Natures
Sarajevo City Centre
Eid in Bosnia
Finance and Participation
Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture

Our Services & International Brokerage

Bosnia general trades has many beneficial factors to all traders in importing and exporting products .Bosnia has its own energy resources,charcoal mines,large farms and agriculture.BHC will helps you meet the companies in charge to start up and deals product imports and export in the areas of GCC

AGBHC Business Management services

Business Management needs a professional skilled team with innovative ideas and these things need so much of effort and spending time and money and BHC can help to manage any type of business project in Bosnia and Herzegovina by a professional way to save the time and money from

BHC have section to supports sports and sportsmen, this section gives a lot of services related to sports like arranging professional players to play in any international club in GCC and to arrange all legal agreements through to player's agent.

In real estate, BHC considering one the most profitable and important division.

BHC higly affirmed among one of the Bahrain Team sucessfully came and participates exhibition in some areas in Bosnia with Tamkeen supports that allows Bahraini Enterpreneurs explored their business mindset in delivering european countries the products and services we have.

BHC believe in good friendship between Bosnian and Arabs for successful relation in any aspect of life through our website BHC makes easy link and bridge to help each other related to translation, humanitarian and sharing any business idea or thoughts the beauty and goodness of life.

BHC offers any job to any qualified individuals from any nationalites rendering their skills and abilities to perfom their job in Bosnia or in GCC Countries.

Bosnia and Herzegovina  Centre ( BHC ) is pleased to annouced the colloboration of Pzu PoliklinikazaoftalmologijuSvjetlost ( Phi Eeye Clinic Svjetlost ) as an agent of GCC countries like Kingodm of Bahrain,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,UAE and Oman and all

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BHC offers you the best tours to release all stress and have a lot of fun in Bosnia & Herzegovina gaining an absorbing and comprehensive glimpse into the rejuvenated country.

Web links to the E-Government portals in the GCC and Bosnia
Bosnian Guide Card

BHC created a unique card called (BGC) Bosnian Guide Card especially to use in Bosnia and Herzegovina the benefit of this unique card is marvelous and not like other cards.

Poliklinika Zdravstvena Ustanova "Arbor Vitae Dr.Saric is offering medical services in the middle east like Kingdom of Bahrain ,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,UAE and Oman.these services are as follows;

BHC performing all types of business and government clearances for any private companies sectors, governamental bodies effectively and efficiently thorugh our professional team persuasions and negotiations.

BHC have a progessional brokerage section for general legal advisor and consultant related to business or personal legal matter.we have also Bosnian interpreter to help us understand in terms of negotiating matters.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture

The Culture and Tradition is the best way to make countries know in the world map and Bosnia and Herzegovina have the best and most unique and beatiful culture.

BHC opens new chances for prospects and organizes International trade fairs and exhibitions as well as Conference in Bosnia and gulf regions for all forums to bring markets and people together in an efficient and highly professional manner for successful business.

The education is very important for the student searching for the best future studies abroad to get the best education and a bright future.

BHC Offers you and your families in Bosnia and Herzegovina the best treatment in very reasonable costs. Bosnia has the best surgeons, professional doctors, diagnostics and hospitals specialized in all medical fields.

The humanitarian and charity services is a major section with nonprofitable organization that enable BHC give free services and consultation to anyone that are willing to do and extend humanitarian charitable services with good moral support to help Bosnia and Herzegovina communi

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