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Best Trips throughout the year to Bosnia افضل الرحلات على مدار السنة الى البوسنة

Bosnia and Herzegovina Centre (BHC) has delighted to offer special trip thoughout the year.

Enjoy and select the best trip offers below for your requirements from BHC in Bosnia and Herzegovina region your best travel destination in the heart of Europe .

The history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a complex blend of culture, religion, and an effortless beauty of lush greenery and colourful rooftops and more than your expectations.

Trips Throughout the years consist of the the following :

Trip 1 : Snow Tour – the winter snow trip will showcase the
different types of activities specially in Olympic mountain
snowboarding & Skiing giving you the best winter
experience you could
ever have(Most recommended month on January)

Trip 2 : Summer Tour (Standard Trip) – Travel and experience the
summer weather in Bosnia almost everything grown are
organic plants and vegetables . You can expect oranges,
luscious red tomatoes, cherry and pomegranate. (Best
month to visit are April , May ,June ,July,
August,September and October)

Trip 3 : Business Trip – These trip offers in attending trade fair
and exhibition ,Conference /forum ,Opening company
and real estate ( Month of May)

Trip 4 : Physiotherapy (Treatment) Trip – offers medical support
assistance to any patients finding the best
clinics/doctors or hospital in Bosnia .(Any dates
suitable for the patients traveling abroad)

Trip 5 : VIP Trip – Arranging special trip to any businessman,
families ,friends or relatives with luxury car and driver (any
dates suitable for your travel)

Trip 6 : Relaxation & Meditation Tour (YOGA) – offers you to join
the ladies exclusive trip program organized by
Ms.FatimAl Mansoori- Yoga Professor . And another trip
for families or friends, relatives to experience
environmental relaxingn yoga sessions daily by Ms.
Fatima Almansoori

Trip 7 : Honey Moon – These trip specially design for newlywed
couples, wedding anniversary giving the best memorable
occasions in a nice ambience or set arrangements
,engagement proposal party event (open to any date )

Trip 8 : Property Visit –These trip enables you to find property for
investment like lands, houses, villas,farms and other
related including the property guide visiting the location.

Trip 9 : Sarajevo Film Festival (– the Annual celebration of Star
parade and awarding locatediing Sarajevo exploring
actresses and actors, directors in launching new project
movies and it’s also a way of searching new talents in
acting skills.( Mostly in the month of August)

For booking reservation and information please contact us :

Mobile # : 00973-39462772/66995547/36446393
Office # : 00973-17326747
Instagram: bosniacentrebahrain
Email us : /
Website :

SBF Sarajevo Business Forum 2017

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) announces the upcoming and most influential Investment conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina on its 8 years of successful biggest event in town the Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 , Bosna Bank International (BBI ) headed by Mr.Amer Bukvic - CEO of BBI Ba

SBF 2017will dicuss about the newest innovaiton of infrastructure ,tourism ,real estate ,education ,food production and agriculture under one theme "ONE REGION ONE ECONOMY". This year Bahrain delegates actively anticipate to collavborates and conquer the european economy businesses.


for more further information please visit


Best Relaxation & Meditation Tour in Bosnia 2017 أفضل رحلة للتأمل والاسترخاء في البوسنة

Best Relaxation & Meditation Tour in Bosnia 2017

These relaxation and Meditation techniques will helps in reducing Stress & Anxiety, and achieving deep relaxation & inner calm – physically, emotionally and mentally.

• Mindfulness techniques help you learn quietness on your mind and stay in the present moment

• simple and effective Meditations connect you to your true or authentic self and achieve deep stillness, and peace

• Relaxation exercises or ‘better breathing’ techniques will help to reduce stress & anxiety and let go of tension

For any interested , you may register your name in our office and send us your queries on the information mentioned below.

First Batch : all ladies group
When : May 05-11,2017
second Batch : For family ,friends and relatives
travel date : May 11-17,2017
Duration period : 7 Days/6 nights
Where : Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina
What : All inclusive for ticket,Hotel, Guide and yoga Instructor/ Coach by Ms.Fatima Al Mansoori

For booking reservation and information please contact us :

Mobile # : 00973-39462772/66995547/36446393
Office # : 00973-17326747
Instagram: bosniacentrebahrain
Email us : /
Website :


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